Nursing Mom Confirms Anser LED Lamps Are Great For Around the House!

led lamps for nursing
With courtesy from Melissa Christopherson.

Do you have a newborn baby?

Do you find it a challenge to find ideal lighting while nursing that does not disturb your child?

"I love, love, love using my Littlite during the middle of the night to care for our little one.  I can’t imagine a better way to light up a small section of the room to change a diaper or feed her.  It can be extremely bright, as needed, for diaper changes.  It also can create the most perfect ambiance to feed her.  It keeps the light in the room soft enough so our daughter doesn't get startled and yet there is plenty of light for the task at hand.  I look forward to using my Littlite every time I hear those middle of the night newborn whimpers. Thank you Littllite for making such a perfect product!  

I loved to use our high intensity incandescent light with our first child and have been using the Anser LED Lamp by Littlite for our second, which provides an even brighter output.  Depending on the ambient light in room, I’d highly recommend both products for all new parents!  Additionally, they are awesome reading lights as the children grow up.”

Melissa Christopherson

New Jersey, USA

If you find yourself in need of turning on a light to respond to your baby waking up, an Anser LED lamp may be the answer! It worked wonders for Melissa! Nursing can be easier when you and your child are most comfortable.

The Anser LED lamp from Littlite pleased Melissa so much that she said “I’d like to buy three Anser lights for my friends who are soon-to-be mommies!” These soon-to be mommies will experience feedings and diaper changes with a little more ease. This could be YOU!  

Littlite strives to offer you the best LED lamp solution for your home or office. Our knowledgeable staff members can identify with your needs and recommend quality solutions with various mounting options. To find the light that fits your needs, visit our products page and change the way you view lighting!

led lamps for nursing
With courtesy from Melissa Christopherson.