Flexible Mini Lights in Close Quarters

Do you juggle a flashlight while driving in your car?

Do you only need to light an area for a short time?

If you need affordable, temporary lighting, like many others do, then Stowlite Mini Lights may be the product for you.

The Mini Light is a small, handy plug-in lighting solution for a car, truck, camper or RV that uses a simple, compact design. It weighs in at only two pounds. No other clips or mounting are needed- just plug it into any 12 volt power point or cigarette lighter plug. A 6-inch adjustable gooseneck allows for total control over lighting conditions, and the 2.4 watt bulb provides comfortable lighting for the dim areas of your car. This product’s small profile allows it to be stored wherever you need it –backpacks, map pockets, or glove boxes!

The Mini Light provides quality lighting at an affordable price, making it the perfect purchase for an area that doesn’t need permanent, more expensive lighting, like your car or RV. You’ll enjoy the flexibility that comes with being able to instantly bring hands-free lighting to any project or task, whether it’s reading a book late in the backseat or digging through the glove box.

Just imagine driving late at night while a passenger reads with a Stowlite light that can be pointed down and away from your eyes. Overhead lighting will distract and blind you, while our lights allow for a safe, enjoyable ride for everyone.

Our quality construction and limited lifetime warranty ensure you’ll be satisfied with this purchase. Visit our store, where you can buy the Mini Light today or ask questions about this and other Littlite products. We’re dedicated to providing you with quality gooseneck lighting solutions to meet all your needs!

Stowlite-Stowable Map Mini Lights

Stowlite-Stowable Map Mini Lights The Stowlite is a mini light that can be plugged into any 12-volt power point to provide a temporary task light. The small profile is designed to fit in the smallest map pocket or storage bin. Uses a 2.4 watt incandescent bulb. Product Illustrated: Stowlite

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