LittliteĀ® Gooseneck Lighting Product Line


The Littlite® gooseneck lighting system is designed to provide a wide range of user options so you can tailor your Littlite to your needs.  Form and function combine to create an unobtrusive, easily positioned light source that can be mounted virtually anywhere a personal task light is required.      
No other task light offers as many configurations and options as Littlite.  You can choose between a halogen or LED light source, three gooseneck lighting lengths and numerous mounting options.  The gooseneck light can be mounted on the top of the chassis or on the end of the chassis to lay flat when not in use.  Littlite lampsets with top mounted goosenecks are available permanently attached to the chassis or with a detachable TNC gooseneck. 
The compact Littlite chassis design enables the lampset to be permanently surface mounted or, using the Snap Mount included with each lampset, the light can be removed after use or used in multiple locations with the purchase of additional Snap Mount.
Littlites are designed to withstand the punishment of touring and are the task light of choice by entertainment industry professionals.  Sturdy steel construction and our reputation for durability ensures a task light that will provide years of service.  We are so confident in our products, we back them with a limited lifetime warranty.
We offer two methods to choose and purchase your Littlite.  You can view and purchase our products on our “Buy a Lite” page or you can assemble your own configuration on our “Build a Lite” page.
Anser Task Light

NEW! ANSER® Task Lights by Littlite

The ANSER® task light by Littlite may look familiar but we’ve included some unique features designed to make the ANSER the most powerful, versatile and energy efficient compact task light on the market.

The ANSER uses a single, warm white LED coupled with our new CC (Constant Current) dimming circuitry and we packed it in a new lineal (end-out) gooseneck configuration.

The result? Massive light output in a svelte, easy to position gooseneck assembly. The ANSER task light produces oodles of warm white light. Available with a 12, 18 or 24-inch gooseneck.

Our CC circuitry converts input voltage of 5-28vdc and feeds 12-Volt to the LED. Power the ANSER from our standard 12-Volt external power supply (included) or any other source of 5-28vdc power. As a bonus, the ANSER can be powered from most USB ports.*   

The ANSER is available as a free standing Desk Light built into a modified cast weighted base or as a lampset capable of a variety of mounting applications and compatible with all of our usual mounting accessories including the new MP-III flush mount plate.

Think of the ANSER your own personal spotlight ideal for illuminating into confined spaces and onto workspaces and reading materials.        

* USB operation subject to available current at USB port.



LED Lighting

LED Lighting: 

In 2003 we introduced our first series of Littlite LED lighting. Since then we have made continuous improvements as LED technology has evolved. Today our Littlite Gen V LED products excel in light output, color temperature, color rendering and energy efficiency.

Littlite offers a wide range of confugurations and options enabling our lights to be used in any application requiring a sturdy, compact and unobtrusive task light, work light, desk light, map light, lectern light, piano light, etc. 

Littlite standard LED lampsets include a rotary switch allowing a choice between a white or red light output for low light use.

Littlite lampsets include an energy-efficient power supply.

Light output @ 12": 398 lux
Color Temperature: 4000'K (CCT- correlated color temperature)
Color Rendering Index: 85 (CRI)
Approximate LED Life under normal operating conditions: 60,000 hours
Lifetime warranty on the mechanicals, five year warranty on the LED element.

Selected Littlite LED lighting products are now listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.



A BLUE alternative to our classic LED series. L-LED-BLUE series lampsets provide a calm, cool blue light output in addition to the standard warm white light output. Littlite task lights are designed for easy surface mount installations or they can be used with one of our mounting accessories.







In addition to our ANSER series desk and task lights, our new LCR-USB 5-Volt products are designed to be powered from a USB port. Featuring our new and improved LCR base, LED-USB lights are easy to install, produce a strong white light and include a hood mounted on/off switch. Available with a 12 or 18-inch gooseneck with the USB cable exiting the bask of the base or the bottom of the base.







"The Original" Littlite High Intensity task light. A 5-Watt halogen lamp with a specially designed hood gives you that warm incandescent glow. Our High Intensity lampsets include a full range dimmer and an energy efficient power supply.

High Intensity (12 Volt-5 watt Halogen. 420mA maximum with a rated life of 240 hours.) with permanently attached gooseneck with a specially designed, heat-dispersing hood. Littlite lampsets have a twelve-inch cord set terminating in a 2.1mm socket. GXF-10 power supply has a six-foot cable terminating in a 2.1mm plug. Halogen: 12-Volt, 5-watt. 420mA maximum with a rated life of 240 hours.

Options include your choice of 6, 12 or 18-Inch gooseneck length, permanently attached or detachable gooseneck and top or end mount gooseneck.



Littlite gooseneck reading lights are designed for easy installation. Our standard lampsets feature a chassis plate that can be surface mounted in minutes with a minimum of drilling and the IS models route the power cable through the bottom plate for a clean, wire-free looking installation.

Our LA series provide a sleek, flush mounting plate with your choice of a permanently mounted or detachable gooseneck light.

And our LCR is simple to use utility light designed to hard wire into any fused, 12-volt power source.

Perfect for lecterns, control console, reading lights, machine lights and anywhere a flexible task or work light is required.



Littlite's variety of small LED lights for vehicles offer a wide range of installation and component options providing a solution for nearly any automotive, truck and marine vehicle application. Our standard LED and halogen models operate on 12-Volt while our MV (Halogen) and CC (LED) models handle a wide range of input voltages.

Easy to install and designed for the rigors of the road. Littlite small LED lights are used in emergency and military vehicles around the world. When quality and reliability matters, use Littlite!

The Littlite Stowlite is designed for temporary use.  Small and unobtrusive, the Stowlite can be easily stored away when not in use. 



We have lights for all uses, whether you want a gooseneck light with a heavy duty base, or a clamp to give you the flexibility you need for hobbies and reading, without getting in the way.
CWB (Cast Weighted Base): Converts your Littlite lampset into a table lamp.  Will not accommodate end-mount gooseneck lampsets.
HTC (High Tension Clamp): Your Littlite lampset can be attached to our HTC clamp and clipped to any edge measure 1 ¼” or less. 
MB (Magnetic Base): Adheres to the bottom of the lampset and enables magnetic mounting to any steel surface. 

Configuration options:

Light Source:

Choose between our LED series, ANSER LED or 5-watt halogen series. 

Gooseneck Lighting Length: 

Littlite task lights are available with six, twelve or eighteen-inch goosenecks. Littlite ANSER is also available with a 24" gooseneck.

Gooseneck Lighting Position:

Littlite lampsets are available with a gooseneck mounted on top of the chassis or on the end of the chassis.

Attached or Detachable Goosenecks:

Littlite halogen task lights with top mounted goosenecks are available with the gooseneck permanently mounted to the chassis or a detachable gooseneck with a TNC connector.