Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the electrical requirements for Littlite gooseneck lighting products?
A: All LittliteĀ® gooseneck lighting products operate on 12-Volts. Littlite led desk lamp sets include an energy efficient power supply. Littlite automotive lights (excluding the V-6 series and the Stowlite) include a 12-Volt wiring kit to wire your Littlite to the vehicle system.
Q: Can Littlites be used outdoors?
A: LittliteĀ® gooseneck lighting products are not weather resistant and we do not recommend using them in applications that would expose the light to excessive moisture.
Q: Can I connect more than one Littlite to the power supply?
A: Yes, our GXF-10 is rated at 1 Amp and can power up to eight LED models or two halogen models. Use our PYE, WYE and EXT accessory cables to connect multiple lights to a single power supply.
Q: Can I surface mount my Littlite led lamp?
A: Littlite led lampsets use a 1" x 3" metal chassis. The bottom chassis plate is designed to mount to any flat surface. Mounting instructions are included with your Littlite. See "Lectern Intallation" and watch our video below for mounting examples.
Q: Can I return a light I purchased here?
A: Yes, of course you can! Littlite products can be returned for credit within 30 days from date of purchase. Product must be returned in new condition and accompanied by receipt of purchase. Only Littlite products purchased from LittliteDirect can be returned for credit. Visit our warranty and return page:
Q: How do you pronounce "Littlite"?
A: Little Light.
Q: Where are Littlites made?
A: The good old US of A. Hamburg, Michigan to be exact (and before you ask, Hamburg is just north of Ann Arbor). Not only do we design, build, package and ship everything from Hamburg-Just-North-of-Ann-Arbor but we try, whenever possible, to use local/domestic sources for our components.
Q: Does Littlite make a light I can plug into a USB connector and why not?
A: We don't make a gooseneck light that can plug directly into a USB connector because A.) USB connectors only deliver 5-Volts and we need 7 more (5+7=12) and 2.) USB connectors are lousy mechanical connectors and don't have enough oomph to hang on to a Littlite especially when you are wrenching it around like I've seen you do. HOWEVER. . if you want to power a Littlite from a USB connector, our new ANSER series lampsets and desk lights with our optional ANSER-USB cord will operate just fine on most* USB ports. (*"Most" meaning that it depends on the device and how many other USB peripherals are connected to said device.)


Mounting Video Mounting Video
Littlite Mounting Video


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